Present government has taken a very bold and necessary step to curb black money all applause to Prime Minister Narendra modi for taking this krantikari decision as no other leader on earth would have dared to do so.

There has been jitters but majority were created and scripted, after almost ten days people are at ease,majority have got money in their pockets and there is absolutely no panic.

Meanwhile few politicians have seen this as an opportunity to cry aloud and create chaos but hatsoff to people of india who have behaved in an orderly fashion to make sure that the execution of PM modi’s decision is carried out without any hustle.

Few interesting events have happened at the political front after demonetisation like Sirji and Didi have came more closer and have reiterated that they are actually ‘partners in crime’,Netaji is not far behind he too has expressed his disappointment over notebandi it is pretty clear that managing UP elections now will be much more difficult without his ‘hard earned’ money.

Also post demonetisation news tv ratings are soaring high and cinema halls have turned into haunted places!!


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