Netaji‘ has made it clear that he is in no mood this time to be ‘mulayam‘ on his son.The father- son duo have been compared with aurangzeb-shahjahan allegedly by the uncle.

Uncle was once just an uncle but now have got a tagline too i.e. ‘dalal’ uncle being bestowed by none other than the CM himself still both sides have one thing in common and that is “pal

Chacha and bhatija are fighting on stage clearly indicating that things are not going to settle down too easily nobody can exactly figure out as whats going on in the party!

As elections are approaching near it will be interesting to see who is going to benefit the most out of the political mahabharat?Is the CM going to form a new party?lot of speculation is going on about name and symbol although ‘motorcycle’ is riding high on everybody’s mind!

MY‘ vote too is going to split and will change the dynamics; ‘elephant’ could be the final beneficiary or else conditions are just perfect for lotus to bloom!


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