Super mario to pokemon go its fun time with apple!

Nintendo creator Shigeru Miyamoto announced Super Mario Run – an endless runner that fully supports one-handed play. Miyamoto said that the one-handed play was so that you could “hold on in the subway, eat a cheeseburger, or an apple.”

Super Mario Run will be available at a “fixed price” and it’ll release this holiday season.

Apple watch:Watch it even while swimming!

The Apple Watch just got faster, thinner,water proof and altogether more exciting.

Apple watch Nike plus:Runners will have a great time!

The Apple Watch Nike+ is available in four cool colors and is designed to get you out the door with a simple prompt — ‘Are we running today?’

i phone 7 and i phone 7+ : Even Photographers will go crazy!

The camera system utilizes ‘Lytro-like’ features that allow you to refocus a shot after the photo has been taken, thanks to two separate 12-megapixel lenses. The two cameras offer smartphone photographers the option to create their own images, something that was only available on higher-end cameras.

Apple goes wireless:Apple’s new headphones offer completely wireless playback through Bluetooth.

The new apple i phone features dual speakers so now enjoy music with stereo sound!



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