#Swamy Vs Namo

The duo are like karan-arjun (no offence to srk!) or Ram-lakhan of indian politics still a section of media is trying to draw conclusion about a possible rift between Swamy and Namo originated over RBI governor R3.Swamy has tweeted shloks from geeta possibly over the same issue.

This rumour might bring some relief for the oldest and once the biggest political party of india as at present nothing is going in their favour so if media reports are true then this could turn out to be  “Saudagar”  where Raga might be dancing on the tunes “imli ka boota beri ka ped…”

Esha’s candid photo shoot!!

BJP MP Manoj tiwari’s ‘kamariya lapalap…’ will make ‘jab amit shah met manoj tiwari’ an instant hit!Nitish kumar’s divorce with Lalu yadav may bring the two yadav’s ‘lalu’ and ‘sharad’ together if only sharad yadav is willing to commit suicide!Esha gupta’s latest photo shoot published on instagram may well work in her favour if not badshaho’s!(Here is stunning actress’ latest photo shoot): esha gupta’s official instagram account 


#Enemy at the Gates!!


Winnie the pooh is not made in India! still china wants to fight with India so if that is the case India must also go ahead and fight war with china!

America, Russia and Japan must support India and provide military and artillery support in case of war. It is evident that Dragon is more than willing to fight war and even india’s NSA Ajit doval’s visit to china can’t prevent war if dragon has decided.

India needs to remain heavily prepared for a possible war anytime in near future.

Chinese business community might not want war with India but Chinese government seems well prepared and ready for war.

India- China war may lead to world war in all possibilities.

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Fused ‘tube light’ and its aftermath!!


The way ‘tube light’ has bombed at the box office it seems end of the road for ‘bhai’ so now looking at bhai’s many dashing and daring qualities here are few other career options for him:

Car driving school: a car driving school where bhai can give special training on driving to wanna be drivers!as an added advantage poor people will automatically stop sleeping on the pavement!

Shooting: bhai’s shooting skills are well known to the extent that even deer of rare species are aware of that so this could also be a shining option; just think India could win much gold in Olympics in shooting!

Communication and behavioral skills training: this school should be especially for journalists so that they can get intense training by bhai on being slapped or manhandled by superstars while reporting!

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Champion’s trophy: Final match Outcome in advance!


Indo-Pak final match summary:

India wins in the last over!

Virat declared man of the match!

Virat-anushka’s full page pics on every newspaper’s front page!

Anushka signs three new films!

Virat signs ten new endorsement deal worth more than 500 crore!

Mallya spotted at the VVIP pavilion during finals!

News channels turns into cricket channels!

Tension at the border remains as it is!!

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GST on Films!!

gst film

Bollywood has been producing flop and boring films regularly and there doesn’t seems a possibility of improvement as same set of filmmakers continue to fool audience with their trash cinema Government has rightly kept GST on film tickets above 100 rupees at a pre decided rate of 28% although film makers have been shedding crocodile tears over tax rate suggested by the government as this may adversely affect launch of their kids in the film industry in near future!

No matter what one can be rest assured that bollywood will keep throwing maximum number of idiotic films every week; God save film lovers!

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#Wannacry Ransomware!!


India and Russia are among the nations  worst attacked by wanna cry ransomware  that has hit the globe none of the hacker groups have taken responsibility yet but this is huge almost 200000 systems have been attacked globally; hackers must realize for a country like india ransom of 300$ to 600$ is a big amount!!

Companies and individuals need to take immediate action here is a link to webcast by government of India to create awareness about ransomware kindly visit the link for details http://jan-sampark.nic.in/jansampark/click.jsp?tab=pmo&urlid=3b65e652e202755c2692c3a449ce4cdd1b61aace

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#Justin bieber in India!!

justin-bieber-96403_1920 (1)

Famous Canadian singer and lyricist Justin bieber shall be performing live in Mumbai at the DY Patil stadium on 10th may it’s a huge moment for his fans he is also going to receive lot of gifts from his celebrity fans in India he has a long list of countries where he shall be performing under purpose tour 2017 you can read more on his website http://www.justinbiebermusic.com/

There were ‘few‘ demands made by bieber during his visit to India it will be interesting to see how many of them will be met!

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Rats love booze!


According to bihar police Rats drank 9 lakh litres of seized alcohol!!Rats are known to be notorious but this is violation of liquor ban in bihar!

Bihar Police should find out Rats and punish them too!

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Much ado:Lalu yadav!!


Aalu ji was just trying to be friendly with an inmate this should be seen in good spirit he must be discussing condition of jails in Bihar in fact his efforts can bring forth the most dirtiest and ugliest truth of our jails this newly launched channel is trying to malign image of aalu ji anyway keep up the good work!!

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#Bahubali:The conclusion is…..!!


SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus “Bahubali” is on a winning spree its success is a tight slap on bollywood which has been producing mediocre cinema since long hopefully Bahubali becomes an eye opener for bollywood on all the levels of filmmaking.

karan johar has rightly spotted the strength of Bahubali it will continue to entertain cinema lovers for weeks and inspire filmmakers for generations this film is surely making history kudos to SS Rajamouli and the entire team of bahubali!!

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